And now… to rewrite.

And now… the rewrite.

Last time on Larry’s writing career: I’ve been working on a spec script for Castle. One of my favorite shows. One of those shows that fits in my wheel house, great characters with humor and drama, a show that can contain both humor and drama. While I’ve been told that it’s good to have an original spec pilot, it’s also still good to have a spec of an existing show. Castle is a show I watch and it’s a show that’s going to be on for a few more years, so this will be good for a little while longer.

The week before last, I wrote the first draft. I’ve taken a week off. And now it’s time to get into the rewrites. And I feel….

I think I did well with the tone. Which in a lot of ways is half the battle. When I’m working on my stuff, I’m creating the characters, so I get to decide how they sound, how they behave. Some of that is conscious, but some of it happens as I’m writing, as I discover who the character IS. That’s not the case with Castle. These characters, and all of them are fantastic, are well crafted and fully born. And they aren’t mine. So, I’ve had to really listen (and read when I get a copy of the script) to how the characters talk. I think I did well. Beckett…. not well as I would have liked. Castle, yeah, he’s an a-hole, so, I got that covered.

Which means I got to work on Beckett.

NOW, for those who have watched the show, it’s a murder mystery show. That means at the beginning there needs to be a dead body and by the end…. the murderer. And through that a twisting turning road that keeps out detectives on their toes and keeps the audience engaged. That means suspects and clues.

AND, there’s also a B plot, the stuff that’s going on in the lives of the regulars.

How did I do with the mystery? Ok. I’ll give my self a B. I think the idea is good and in a way it’s personal for Castle. BUT, I don’t know if it’s twisty turny enough to be totally surprising and engaging for an audience and I’m not sure I’m supplying enough information for both the detectives and the audience. Not fleshing things out enough.

New goal: next week, draft two that addresses both the plotting issues and the character of Beckett.

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