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I, Bad Guy: Origin Stories–Part Three

PREVIOUSLY: After crash landing out in the middle of nowhere, Robbie had an epiphany. It was his turn to become a supervillain. And that’s when Agatha, Eric’s girlfriend arrived to give them a ride home. Betrayed! Agatha brought the two henchman home. A small two bedroom apartment on the westside on the third floor. It […]

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I, Bad Guy: Origin Stories–Part Two

PREVIOUSLY: Henchmen Robbie and Eric launched themselves in an escape pod as the Professor’s lair exploded, having been attacked by the city’s hero, The Damsel. It was dark.  Really dark.  And it sucked.  Robbie and Eric walked down a gravel country road, heading towards the bright lights of the big city. Behind them, smoke rose […]

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I, Bad Guy: Origin Stories–Part One

POW. Robbie got punched in the face. Again. And he was getting pretty sick and tired of it. He totally forgot that he was in the Professor’s lair and that the Professor’s plan of kidnapping and extortion had failed. All he kept thinking was: Why did I become a henchman? POW. Robbie grunted.  This one […]

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Dealing with imagined rejection…

For me the hardest part of writing isn’t the rejection.  It’s what to do in the face of rejection.  Imagined or otherwise. Lately, I have been going on general meetings out in LA land.  This is great.  It’s fun.  I LOVE driving onto a lot in LA.  It’s like that moment at the end of […]

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Anyway.  So, where was I? STAKES.  That’s right.  Stakes.  Not for vampires, though, I’m sure those are useful to have lying around, just in case the zombie apocalypse turns into the vampire apocalypse.  You don’t want to be the last one standing. I’m talking about character stakes.  What is important to a character, what is […]

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