Last week I saw some babies. Now these weren’t just random babies. I see random babies all the time in New York. And random babies are the reason to NOT have babies. Random babies are the ones who are screaming, puking, and pooping…each an act to garner attention from the parent.

THESE babies were babies of my friends. So, in other words, special babies. Babies that make you go…Aw….and….Ooo…and Can I hold her/him?

Within a month two close friends had babies. Two close friends who are also in the arts. It’s possible! That’s what my wife and I realized. But, how possible is the ongoing discussion…

I think, often in the arts we talk about sacrifice and that we must “suffer” to be good artists. That we have to make a choice between a life in the arts and a “normal” life. As I’m getting older I’m finding that idea patently…stupid. Why can’t a life in the arts be normal?

And besides, wouldn’t it only benefit your art to have a more full life, a more well rounded sense of the world?

If you only do one thing, if you only have one thing in your life…your art…isn’t that tunnel vision?

There’s a difference between dedication to something and the willful exclusion of everything.

Sure, the course of my life is going to be different than most, and it’s even different than those in the art world…who writes Pakistani TV shows, show of hands….I should be able to have it all. It’s the challenge that EVERYONE has, really.

Art and a family. It should be interesting…

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