My mom and dad came to New York City for a few days, to come and see my show.

You remember, I got a show going on? (Check it out soon, it’s in the final week!)

They were only here for a few days, so we tried to pack in a lot. My mom was feeling better after X number of surgeries on her back…I could here it in her voice when I talked to her on the phone, she had her energy back. And it was nice to see, after a few years of having terrible pain.

We tried to get in the Statue of Liberty…and it was a PERFECT day to do it…of course, everyone else thought the same thing, so there was an hour and a half wait to get to the Statue. So, we did the next best thing…We went to Staten Island.

It’s a free trip.

Over there…well, we didn’t see much. Is THERE much on Staten Island? We did see…what they called a museum…but was really an abandoned lighthouse factory. The buildings were falling apart…which was sort of heartbreaking…they must have been so beautiful once.

Staten Island done.

Next. The Bull on Wall Street. That’s the picture. We sort of had to fight to get it taken…French Tourists were putting their kids on the Bull’s head, as Japanese Tourists were getting their pictures taking with the Bull’s balls. A metaphor? If so, it’s bigger than me.

Lunch, nap. Then dinner with my Uncle and Aunt.

Next day…Central Park. Another perfect day. At least we didn’t have to wait in line to get in.

Flowers, trees, castles, ponds, musicians and hotdogs. Awesome.

Then, they saw the show and packed up and went back home…soon, they are going to Sweden for two weeks, while I continue to slave away here in New York…

(I have to apologize for this blog…there wasn’t much meat to it. Just a laundry list of stuff that happened. It wasn’t very good. You know it, I know it. Let’s just move forward and hope that the next blog is better.)

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