Sometimes… things just fizzle out. I might be working on a project, either working on the outline (I wish) or writing the actual material itself and… then… I find… that it’s not going… anywhere. And, like a wet firecracker, it just fizzles out.

And that totally sucks. It really sucks when I hit a dead end on a project. Actually, a DEAD END would be great. That’s something with the project itself. Fizzling is way worse. It means there’s something wrong with ME. (Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic.)


Sigh. It means I’ve lost the thread of passion that was driving the project… Passion for the characters or the story drives me through a project. It’s the thing that keeps me at my desk, beating on the keyboard. I care. (Very sentimental. Start the tears now, my friends.)

Is it possible to find that thread again? Find that passion for a project that has grow cold… YES! I think so. It’s a little thing called Time. And it doesn’t work on everything. (And sometimes, it’s the problem itself.) When I return to a project that I haven’t been working on, I have to spend Time… Time to reacquaint myself with the project, Time to find where was I within the project, Time to ignite that passion again…

But, all things being fair, it doesn’t always work. Sometimes, a project deserves to fizzle. It wasn’t going anywhere really. It was just a fever dream.

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