Home flat Home.

I’m at my parents house for a few days.

My mom had surgery a week or two ago on this back thing that she has been having problems with. Long time fans might remember a snarky comment in a previous blog this son made about my mom being rebuilt. The rebuilding continues!

My dad travels for work so he’s gone for a few days. And since I’m carving out a career sitting on my butt at home, my wife and I figured I could do that in Illinois. So here I am.

I was just at the grocery store picking up some stuff for dinner. It was weird. The grocery store.


From my perspective it was.

It was a normal grocery store. For the Mid-West. But for those who live in New York City it was acres and acres of so many choices to make, boxes and boxes of pasta, row upon row can goods.

And it wasn’t crowded.

And the aisles were wide.

And the lights were bright.

And the staff was cheerful.

Like I said. Weird.

I got outta there real quick.

…after I paid for my food.

To much space is beginning to freak out this New Yorker. I need walls! I need buildings that block out the sky! I need to have people constantly in my way!

All this silence and space! It’s enough to drive one MAD!

That said. It’s nice to have a break from New York.

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