Letters to the editor

Just a quick one.
Letters to the editor is a reason I don’t think I could live in my home town on a full time adult basis.

In one letter to the editor, one man, whose ultimate point was that everything was falling apart and that’s why we need to get back to the word of God, or in this case the original King James Version of the word of God, this man wrote “Global Warming is a sham. Why is it so cold recently?”

Because it’s the WINTER?????

Global Warming means the AVERAGE temperature is going up, not that seasons are going to disappear tomorrow.

That’s ok. He’s believes in the “Word” of God. But just the King James Version. You know, the one that was created 400 years ago for political purposes. Not the one that’s like 2000 years old.


I’m not even going to go into the letter to the editor a few months ago that seriously suggested burning Harry Potter books because they taught witchcraft.

Welcome to Middle America.

My only hope is that Middle America is to busy to write in and that it’s the crazys with to much time on their hands.

Not all of Middle America wants to burn Harry Potter or wonders why it’s so cold in the winter.

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