Open Night!

Well. It’s here. Opening night. Weeks of rehearsal, preceded by months of prep, preceded by years of writing and developing…

And it’s all come to tonight…Opening Night.

I wish I could say that I’m nervous…and probably if you caught me at a still moment, I admit the truth, but I feel like I have all of these things I need to do before tonight, and tonight is just HOURS away.

Gifts, emails, scripts to read, a shower to take, food to eat, meetings to run to.

The biggest problem for me isn’t being nervous…it’s being nervous, sitting in the audience. I don’t know what to do. Yes, the obvious answer is to watch the show, but, well, I’ve seen it, so I keep listening and watching the audience. Wondering what THEY are thinking.

Thoughts that went through my head during preview:

Is that guy with the tilting head sleeping?
That woman who keeps whispering, does she hate my show?
Is that old guy asleep or dead?
Is that the reviewer? Or is THAT the reviewer?
Why didn’t they laugh at the cold hands line, I always laugh at the cold hands line…
Is it cold in here or am I dying?

So, for me it’s tough sitting in the audience. I’m nervous, and when I’m nervous, I get chatty. And no one likes a guy whose chatty during a show.

But this is the truth: It’s a good show, it’s a really really good show. I’m very proud of everyone who has worked on the show, I’m proud of MY work on the show. I hope it’s hard to get a ticket it’s so popular.

And speaking of tickets, you can go to Ticket Central to buy them online.
Go to Alchemy’s Website for more information…
Or mine

The show opens tonight, I’ll post some reviews when I can…hope you can make it…you have until May 4th to do it!

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