Pain in the Neck

Getting older. It sucks. I’m only really beginning to understand it.

This morning I woke up with an impossible pain in my neck. It’s not like I went out, ran a marathon or hiked a mountain or saved a girl from a burning building. I was sleeping. What could I have done in my sleep to hurt myself? Don’t answer me. I don’t think I want to know.

I’m also realizing it’s not just about my body falling a part bit by bit, it’s also the things that I loved as a child are becoming more and more distant…and I scratch my head and wonder, why did I like Buck Rogers in the 25th Century? When it was on TV, I loved it…that 6 year old couldn’t get enough. Watching it now…well…I still like it…but I think it’s that 6 year old inside of me screaming to get out.

Last night I saw my first commercial for Apple’s new super thin laptop. It looks pretty cool. And the words tumbled out of my mouth, “The future is now.”

Things become a necessary part of our culture so quickly now. Cellphones, MP3 players, laptops.

At 34, I feel out of date sometimes…unable to keep up with the whirl of arrival of new technologies. I feel like you have to constantly by 22 years old to understand what the hell all these new things are for and how to fully use them.

My God, have I become that old man, screaming for you kids to get off of my lawn?

Look out!

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