A dark comedy set on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, where life might be found. At some point in the future, Joe and Tom have been sent to Titan by the Space Program to seek out this life, however microbial it maybe. Their only source of contact with the outside world is Control, who lives on a space station also orbiting Saturn. Albedo is about isolation, madness and of course, romance!
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A Thousand Yard Stare
Dream and reality blend in this drama about a recently returned Iraqi veteran who comes home to his wife to try and lead a normal life. But memories aren’t so easy to leave behind on the battlefield.
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On the Night of Anthony’s 30th Birthday Party, Again…
In this fast-paced, single door farce, Ben faces a decision of a lifetime on the night of Anthony’s 2nd 30th birthday. He must choose between his fiance and the girl that got away while his friends figure out their own disasters. Plans are created, mistakes are made, and everything happens after the cake in this bittersweet comedy.
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A mix of tragedy and comedy about the loneliness of living in a big city and the choices people make to relieve the pressure. Two strangers on a rooftop, a Peeping Tom and a cutter try to find common ground, but it all changes as taboos and secrets are revealed and dreams fall apart. What began as an act of kindness turns into a war of wills.
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