Ridiculous Inventions…. #2 Gyroscopic Airline Seating… For those bumping rides…

It’s another ridiculous invention. The rules: 1. They must serve some purpose for the greater good of all humanity… 2. They have to fulfill some obscure greater good of humanity.

Recently I had the joy of traveling by plane, a large one, followed by a regional jet. (Or as some might call it: an RJ.) We’ve all been there, enjoying the ride, when suddenly, PING, the buckle seat belt lights go on, the gravely voice of the Captain comes on, announcing… “Turbulence.” Everyone groans, and sure enough… you’re on a roller coaster.

BUT, what if all of that could be avoided? Would that make flying just that much better?

I think so.

THUS, my Gyroscopic Airline Seat! Essentially, two gyroscopes fit under the seat, which is now attached to the plane by spring. These gyroscopes spin rapidly, one on the horizontal plane and on the vertical plane. These gyroscopes will keep the chair stable while the springs allow the chair and the plane to move freely of each other. In other words, when turbulence hits… the plane moves AROUND your chair.

You’re welcome….

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