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Letting Go, the blog that was late…

This blog is late.  I know it.  My goal is to have a new blog by me done and out every Wednesday morning by 8 am.  I generally have it written the night before.  But, not this week.  This week I’m a little bit behind.  And that’s OK.  (Or at least that’s what I’ve been […]

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Wing Man

I recently got a wing man.  And I’m pretty excited.  Everyone should have a wing man.  Certainly every writer.  This is NOT a writing partnership.  We are not writing together, collaborating in anyway.  THIS is about being accountable to someone.   Having someone read pages quickly.  Having someone send you a gentle email, asking “how’s […]

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Guest Blog: Eric Loo-The Rules are the Same (or Writer’s Amnesia)

Here we are again.  Another guest blog entry.  And I’m very excited about this one.  This one is from a NEW writing friend, Eric Loo.  He is a fellow member of the Playwrights Union.  Recently, he and I were out and about in lovely West Hollywood, to chat.  I was struggling with a new spec […]

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