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Dealing with imagined rejection…

For me the hardest part of writing isn’t the rejection.  It’s what to do in the face of rejection.  Imagined or otherwise. Lately, I have been going on general meetings out in LA land.  This is great.  It’s fun.  I LOVE driving onto a lot in LA.  It’s like that moment at the end of […]

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A TWOFER: I need a Win and Why I’m Not Writing right now… except for this blog

Alright.  Since it’s been some time since I’ve blog about my own needy life, I’m going to do a twofer.  One will be a bit self indulgent, so, yeah, maybe skip over that, and the other… that one is about writing process. I Need A Win That’s how I’m feeling lately.  I need a win. […]

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Guest Blog: Sigrid Gilmer–Harry & the Thief & Me

 I BRIEFLY met Sigrid at the Katselas Theatre Company’s Playlab, of which we are both members.  But I feel like I REALLY met her when I watch Harry & The Thief, an action film/historical/time travel play about Harriet Tubman.  I walked in not knowing much about the show and I couldn’t believe what I was watching. […]

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Guest Blog: Jeff Goode–A Season of All Original Work

I’ve known Jeff for years… we both come from a No Shame background… No Shame, as Jeff will talk about, was a sort of open mic thing for theater people at the University of Iowa.  Every Friday night, new material was put up–most times, script in hand.  As a young playwright/performer it was an invaluable education in […]

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Wing Man

I recently got a wing man.  And I’m pretty excited.  Everyone should have a wing man.  Certainly every writer.  This is NOT a writing partnership.  We are not writing together, collaborating in anyway.  THIS is about being accountable to someone.   Having someone read pages quickly.  Having someone send you a gentle email, asking “how’s […]

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