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Guest Blog: Jeff Goode–A Season of All Original Work

I’ve known Jeff for years… we both come from a No Shame background… No Shame, as Jeff will talk about, was a sort of open mic thing for theater people at the University of Iowa.  Every Friday night, new material was put up–most times, script in hand.  As a young playwright/performer it was an invaluable education in […]

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Guest Blog: Mac Rogers–The Fundamental Contradiction

I am a fan of Mac Rogers.  I met him in New York City, while we both working at The Manhattan Theatre Source.  He’s a smart, kind, self-depreciating guy (as you’ll read) who is IMMENSELY talented.  He’s a really good writer.  One of my favorite plays is his adaptation of Karl Capek’s R.U.R. (another favorite play) […]

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Down The Memory Hole

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the past.  About MY past.  It’s not dark and grim, I’m not having to review what someone did to me.  I’ve lived in a bunch of different places and done a bunch of different things.  (Don’t worry, this will come back to writing… some how… I hope.)  This past weekend, […]

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Wrote a play last week. How did that happen?

I was there. I shouldn’t be surprised. But, I kind of am. Because, frankly, it was HARD. It was HARD to write a play. I hadn’t written one in over a year. Been mostly focusing on writing TV specs and a web script. And those are very different beasts. They require a different way of […]

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Importance of really loving what you write…or how to know what you’re writing is crap.

Sometimes I try to convince myself that an idea will work if I just put a LITTLE more effort into the piece. That if I just work HARD ENOUGH I can make an idea work. So, I sit at my computer and I just… keep trying… to make my brain work HARDER. Generally what happens […]

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