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Oh, to spec…

It’s that time of year again.  That time to write a spec script.  Now, normally, they tell you… (you know… THEY…) that in order to break into TV right now, you write an original pilot.  Showrunners want to see what YOU would do if given a chance to make ANY TV show that would could. […]

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Digging a hole to China…. I don’t think that’s racist…

I’ve been clearing a lot of things off my desk lately.  Not literally, of course, a man has to like his clutter and his Godzilla Christmas Tree ornament.  (Seriously, it works great…)  The things that I’ve been moving off of my desk has been projects.  I had some articles to write, a play to rewrite […]

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Guest Blog: Montserrat Mendez–Networking

I’ve known Montserrat, or Mozz to his friends for years now.  I met him at the Manhattan Theatre Source, and he was ALWAYS good at connecting with people.  He knew people.  He chatted people up.  (He was a bit of a flirt.)  He’s also a talented writer, that helps.  But, as we all know, writing […]

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Guest Blog: Blair Singer–A Literary Monogamist

Blair Singer is a teacher of mine… dare I say mentor?… possibly, I’ll have to ask him how he feels about that.  A few years ago, I decided I wanted to move into TV as well as continue on as a playwright.  After much urging from the wife, I took a class at Primary Stages […]

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Wing Man

I recently got a wing man.  And I’m pretty excited.  Everyone should have a wing man.  Certainly every writer.  This is NOT a writing partnership.  We are not writing together, collaborating in anyway.  THIS is about being accountable to someone.   Having someone read pages quickly.  Having someone send you a gentle email, asking “how’s […]

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