Trash it v2

20121213-071149.jpgThey-whoever they are-tell you to listen to your instinct. BUT when your instinct tells you to throw it away, delete the work, THEY say that’s just the evil editor voice in your head and you shouldn’t listen. How do they know the difference? How are they able to hear the voices in my head?

AND what if the voice THEY think is the evil one is really the instinct screaming to be heard? The voice is all fucked up from shouting? That sounds reasonable to me.

In the end, I guess don’t listen to anyone. Not without considering it first. Then choose wisely.

Yesterday I was stuck. My instinct was telling me to chuck it, my evil editor voice was lecturing me on my failure to outline… So I was in a quandary. I pouted for a bit, changed some dirty diapers.

Then I realized, once I was calm again, why I was stuck.

Still. It would feel sooooo good to delete and just walk away. So good.

EDITED TO ADD: funnily enough–I had to trash the original… mwah hah hah

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