Vintage Blog from My MySpace Blog The View #1

The View From My Apartment. ..1

By way of introduction.

I live in an apartment situated in a mostly latino-family orientated part of Queens. Its called Sunnyside. Like I said, its mostly families that live around us. We have a family with a small son, maybe three years old, who, ever since we moved in says hello to us. My wife and I say, hello, right back.

Im a writer. Im actually currently being paid to write, which is extraordinary, but I still find time to complain about it. I have yet to learn to shut and realize how lucky I am, even though I think the project is tough. I think of myself as a playwright, but I have an interest in getting into screenplays. I want to eat.

My wife is an actor. A lovely woman as many of my friends and family can attest. She makes a decent enough living as an actordoing corporate shows, the occasional TV thing. She also complainsbecause shes also still learning that shes successful, as shes making most of the money she earns from acting. It may not be Broadwaybut it is acting.

I think we both have a phobia of working in an office. Perhaps not a deep seated fear, like spiders or having blood taken outminebut enough of one that working in an office feels like a living death. Or perhaps just me.

Like I said. Were both successful. But. Perhaps. Not in the way we think we should be. Which means, we dont own a car, a house, get to go on vacations or buy that island next to Johnny Depp. But. You know, if we just changed what are definition of success, just a littleto something like: I want to make my living as an artist…well…then….we have achievement!

Of course. Theres still the day to day living and the day to day problems of an artist. Mine mostly revolve around not getting enough done…but…this is about introduction…and I wanted this first blog to be short.

Next blog: Why oh Why cant I finish that play?

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